Sarah Granholm Creative
Visualizing ideas, stories and the world

There is a truth to photography, an ability to recount experiences as they are experienced. Moments can be captured, shared and felt by both photographer and viewer simultaneously. Storytelling and creative expression allow me to engage with the world around me on a deeper level, and share my ideas with a greater audience. I was born and raised in Sweden, and with the curious nature of a traveler, I am drawn to explore. 

  • Sarah Granholm


    Sarah Granholm


I seek projects that evoke thought and reflection. Whether it is the graceful movement of a ballet dancer, the first time visiting a vibrant city, or listening to a fascinating life story, the world’s visuality and noise engages me. I am drawn to culture and people, everyone has a story to tell and I hope to pass these on through photography by artistically incorporating my own passions in my creative work.

Visual Voices Initiative aims to empower the voices of youth groups through photography by allowing the visual language of photography to function as a bridge in conversation between the particular youth group and the broader community. Workshops introduce visual storytelling as a means of expressing and informing. Participants capture and create material of the stories that lie within them and together, an exhibition is co-created. Visual Voices is about creative expression, reflection and providing space for ideas to grow, where the participants are storytellers as well as advocates of change. 


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